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F.A.Q. & Support

  • Can Winpcap installation be canceled ?

No, You should not cancel the Winpcap installation. Otherwise this software can not work.

  • I cannot install the software under win2000/xp, why?

You must have Administrator privilege to install the software.


  • Why register form keep popup ?

Because SPY4PC is not a freeware. If you like it, please register it. Thanks :)

  • How can I remove the tray icon of SPY4PC ?

After register, the tray icon will disappear.

  • How to register SPY4PC?

In register form, you will see a Hardcode. Copy it down and go to BUY NOW! to register the software.

  • How to register mutil-user ?

If you have 2 or more pc to register , please fill the Hard Code Box like this "????????/???????"  Example: "BDC0909201/BDC0909211/BDC0909221"

  • What is the hotkey to show SPY4PC ?

The default hotkey is CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F5, and you can change it in the options.

  • What is the password?

The default is password is an empty string. Just input nothing and click OK. And you can change it in the options too.

  • If I forget the hotkey and password. What can I do ?

Send your register information to us. And we will guide you to remove the password.


If you have technical questions and you have already read through the F.A.Q.,
please contact Support.

If you have some good idea about the product,
please contact us.

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